SwitchingColor Shader

Have you already seen the Nissan Juke webspecial? I came across this microsite on the Away3D showcase. Great artwork, neat programming. As I was playing a lot with shaders, I was immediately interested in the incredible shaderwork that was done here. Especially the “color switching” effect (when you click on a colored area of the car and select a new color), caught my attention. After some hours of tinkering I came up with a shader, which looks quite the same. Have a look! Just click on the block anywhere, to switch to a random color.

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Rim Shader V1

Recently I played a lot with the Flash 3D framework Flare3D, an awesome piece of work. Special with Flare3D is that they created an own shading language called FLSL, which has similarities with Adobes PixelBender pixelshader language. Thus making it easy to get into the language, if you are familiar with Pixelbender. I played with FLSL a lot and I will post here some of my FLSL shaders I wrote. First of all a simple fake rim shader.

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Pattern Generator

Some time ago I tried to write a generator for random colorful textures for a 3D project. I was inspired by pictures from a video installation seen on TheCoolHunter.

For the original cause the code proved to be useless, though I thought the result to be quite appealing. But judge yourself!

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Hello Internet!

Happy new year all together!

New year, new objectives, new opportunities and – last but not least – new projects! After ending my commitment with Heye Digital Lab (the digital department of Heye & Partner) and working more freelance, I decided to finally start some blogging. Conveys a good network, some say. ;) From time to time I want to present to you some of my code fragments, libraries und projects I have been working on in the past, bringing them to use eventually.

Happy coding!

private function test():void
   trace("It works!"); // 10
   test(); //20 goto 10